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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Registration is now closed. For any additional questions, please reach out to Stephanie Metzinger at smetzinger@wga.com.

Registration is now closed.

For additional questions please contact Ann Donahue at adonahue@wga.com

About the WG Women Program

WG Women is a free leadership development program that is open to all Western Growers members. Participants of the program have access to in-person and virtual activities aimed at supporting professional growth, including mentoring, leadership development courses, media and social media training and more. 

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This event is only available to participants of the WG Women Program and is completely free. Please note that you must be a member of Western Growers and a participant of the WG Women Program to register for this event. It's not too late, apply for the program today! For questions, contact Ann Donahue at (949) 302-7600.

This is a virtual training that will take place over Zoom. We request all attendees to leave their cameras on, and you will be asked to participate in the closing Q&A with the Western Growers government team.  If you have any questions before registering, please contact Western Growers’ Media Relations Manager Ann Donahue at (949) 302-7600.

What you'll learn from Advocacy Training:

This 1.5 hour online session will give you the skills to become a confident citizen advocate and a vital part of the public policy process. Learn how the federal and state legislatures operate, what critical farming proposals and issues are currently being discussed, and how you can interact with decisionmakers as a voice for agriculture and explain the real-world impact of proposed legislation and regulations. You will come away from this training armed with the tools to help make a difference with your elected representatives. 

After an hour of overview from Tracey Chow, Director, Federal Government Affairs at Western Growers, the closing segment with consist of a Q&A with Western Growers’ Government Affairs team that has expertise on federal, California and Arizona issues:

Western Growers believes that women are essential to the future of agriculture and launched the WG Women program to provide pathways for women to achieve the highest levels of leadership within the industry. As a WG Women participant, individuals are prepared for positions of leadership within not only the WG member companies, but the broader fresh produce industry as well.

WG Presentation Disclaimer

Tracey Chow

Tracey Chow is the Director, Federal Government Affairs at Western Growers. Tracey leads on transportation and supply chain matters, as well as co-leads advocacy on international trade policy matters. She proactively interacts with regulatory authorities and Congress on a variety of other issues, including Farm Bill programs, climate change policies, specialty crop domestic competitiveness, and research and development. Prior to joining Western Growers, Tracey spent five years in the U.S. House of Representatives in the office of former California Rep. Jeff Denham.

WG Women Advocacy Virtual Training

Director, Federal Government Affairs

About the Trainer

WG Women programs and events are a member benefit of Western Growers. Please contact Kim Sherman at ksherman@wga.com for Western Growers membership information.

Dennis Nuxoll
Vice President, Federal Government Affairs

Matthew Allen
Vice President, State Government Affairs

Robert Medler
Manager, State Government Affairs

Gail Delihant
Senior Director, State Government Affairs