WG Legal Updates Webinar Series Launches September 2nd, 2020

Western Growers is partnering with members of the Western Growers Ag Legal Network to bring back the popular Legal Updates Webinar Series. This webinar series is designed to equip ag professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate a host of pressing legal issues from employment and labor law, food safety liability, import/export regulatory issues, PACA, protecting trade secrets and IP, and more.

The series provides Western Growers members with an opportunity to learn from legal experts who serve the ag industry. Participants will gain insights into many of the practical legal issues that confront our industry. 

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Agricultural Trade: Current Climate and Trends: Practical Considerations During
COVID-19 and Beyond

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020
11:00AM PDT

SPEAKERS: Michael J. Duvall, Susanne Cook, Michael E. Zolandz, Steven A. Harris, and Megan Finkelstein

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Agricultural Trade: Current Climate and Trends: Practical Considerations During COVID-19 and Beyond

This presentation will offer valuable insight into key issues regarding agricultural trade, including the current climate and projected trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and the road ahead. The timely discussion will be centered around a host of agriculture-specific topics, including recent sanctions against Chinese agricultural suppliers and general trends in protectionism; trends in agriculture trade and recent challenges; requirements and special customs programs unique to and benefiting agriculture; and managing trade business records as a US company in light of the ever-growing importance of trade to US agriculture and increased regulatory requirements and scrutiny.


  • Michael J. Duvall, Partner, Dentons US LLP
  • Susanne Cook, Senior Partner, Dentons Cohen & Grigsby
  • Michael E. Zolandz, Office Managing Partner, Dentons
  • Steven A. Harris, Counsel, Dentons Cohen & Grigsby
  • Megan Finkelstein, Customs & Trade Consultant, Dentons Cohen & Grigsby

Michael J. Duvall
Dentons US LLP

Susanne Cook
Dentons Cohen & Grigsby

Steven A. Harris
Dentons Cohen & Grigsby

Megan Finkelstein
Dentons Cohen & Grigsby

Michael E. Zolandz